Samarkand Tour - 2 Days

If you have free days in Uzbekistan come to see the city of Great Temurids- Samarkand. Enjoy a guided introduction to Samarkand, feel its vibe as you walk past historical and cultural monuments. This Tour introduces you to the most prominent highlights of the city, the ones you should not miss while visiting Uzbekistan.

Tour Highlights

  • Registan Square
  • Ulughbek Observatory
  • Traditional paper making
  • El-Meros show
  • Bibikhanum Mosque


  • Day 1: 09:00-15:00
  • Day 2: 09:00-14:00

Duration: 10-11 Hours

Day 1
Arrival to Samarkand

Pick up from train station/airport/hotel. Visit Registan Square, Guri Amir-The Mausoleum of Tamerlane, Bibi Khanum Mosque, Shah Zindah, and city bazaar. Visit El-Meros theater show.

Day 2

Visit Ulughbek Observatory, Afrosiab Complex, Tomb of Prophet Daniel. Visit Konigil Village (center of traditional paper making from mulberry tree). Drop off at train station/airport/hotel

The Trip Cost Includes

  • Local Tour Guide Service ( English speaking)
  • Transportation used for the tour
  • Entrance fees to museums and sightseeings
  • El-Meros theatre show
  • Hotel fee for one night

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • Medical and Travel Insurance
  • Visa fee for Uzbekistan consular services
  • Your international airfare
  • Local airfare, train fees
  • Hotel fee for extra services
  • Meals
  • Photo camera fees for some museums, phone cameras are not charged
  • Tips

Frequently asked Questions

How to get Uzbekistan Visa?

Starting from 2018 Uzbekistan simplified its visa issuing process and citizens of 50 countries can apply for e-visa. Please check visa regulations for your country at

Is it obligatory to be registered upon arrival to Uzbekistan?

Foreign citizens visiting Uzbekistan on temporary basis must submit documents for registration at the place of residence within 72 hours upon arrival to Uzbekistan. Registration is not necessary if you arrive to Uzbekistan during weekend or holidays or a period of your stay will not exceed three working days. During stay in a hotel your stay will be registered by hotel administration. Upon checking out you should remember of taking the registration form stamped by the hotel administration with you. If you intend to rent an apartment you should care of registration. The registration is provided by local department of internal affairs authority. If you do not stay in a specific settlement of the Republic more than three days according to your itinerary you should not submit any document for registration. However, you should remember that you should provide convincing documentary argument to passport control bodies while leaving Uzbekistan. This documentation should be presented by air- and railway tickets registered on your name and additionally attached program of your tour.

Should I carry my passport with me while I am In Uzbekistan?

Yes, it is advised to carry your passport with you while you are in Uzbekistan, especially while you are on an independent sightseeing, during the transfers between cities and places, train and bus stations etc. If you happen to walk outside the hotel, go out on your own to the local market or explore the city on your own and especially at the night time the police have the authority to check your passport which is a regular feature and you should not be worried about it. Your passport and registration card should be with you at all times.

Are credit cards accepted here?

Credit cards (Visa and Master Card) are accepted in most of the hotels and restaurants here. However it is not a very well developed system, hence it is also advised to carry a good amount of cash with you as well, so as to avoid any troublesome situation.

How do I get local currency (Soum) in exchange for USD / EUR, etc?

You can get your money exchanged in the hotel that you are staying in. You can also exchange in banks and currency exchange centers. Please also note that old or damaged currency notes are not accepted, as you would not get exchange as per the applicable rate, but at a lower one.

What about internet access?

Internet can be accessed in almost all places. Sometimes, there might be some technical problems. Internet in Uzbekistan may not be as fast as you are used to.

How is the crime rate here? Is it safe to move out on the streets late at night?

Uzbekistan has low crime rate. It is one of the safest countries in the world with security and police network functioning at all times. The local police are very friendly, especially to travelers and are always happy to give directions, in case you feel you have lost your way. There are police patrol cars on roads and streets, and it is safe for even ladies to move around late in the night. However, for tourists’ extra safety we don’t advise to be out after 11 p.m.

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Price From USD $ 190/person
Total $ 190 USD

Trip Facts

  • 35 US $