Tashkent- Capital of Uzbekistan

Tashkent — is one of the most biggest ancient city in Central Asia — the capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The first information about Tashkent as a city settling is kept in the ancient east chronicles of the II century B.C., in the Chinese sources it’s called Yuni; in the inscriptions of 262 years B.C. of Pursian king Shapura I on «Kaabe Zoroastra» the oasis of Tashkent was called Chach. And Chach was a crossroads on the way of gold export, precious stones, spices and splendid horses to another towns and states. Today Tashkent, in translation from uzbek standing for «Stone town» is a capital of modern Republic, keeping the evidence of future, the memory of many history events of Uzbekistan, — one of the biggest industrial center of Central Asia, with the population of over 2 million people. Tashkent is twinned with following cities.

Historical and architectural monuments of Tashkent:

· Medrese of Kukeldash (14th century).,

· Mausoleum of Kaffal-Shashi (15th century).,

· Architectural ensemble of Hazrati (Saint) Imom (16th century).,

· Medrese of Abul Kasim (19th century).,

· Medrese of Barak-han (16th century).

· The Mosque of Juma (Friday) (19th century).,

· The museum of Amir Temur — masterpiece of modern architecture,

· Amir Temur Square,

· The Square of Freedom,

· The Square of Friendship of Nations,

· The Monument of Courage,

· The Square of Hasti Imom,

· The Mosque of Tilla Sheyh,

· The Square of Hadra,

· Mausoleum of Sufi Ota.

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